Accurate Custom Springs for Anything

We custom manufacture compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, die springs, clock springs, metal pressings and tool clips. We can supply you with an exact replica spring for your vintage machine, watch or camera, and we can bulk-manufacture all the springs for your parts inventory. We have been manufacturing superior custom springs since 1979 for the Australian market.

Incredible Quality Custom Spring Manufacturer

All the various types of springs are not the same, and just because a spring fits, doesn’t mean it will do the job. Using the right type of spring with the right resistance is important and strict adherence to the values of Hooke’s Law is critical for its successful application.

This is why a custom spring is often a better option than a generic spring from the store because we can control the end characteristics of the spring during manufacturing strictly.

We work closely with the engineers on new products, but custom manufacturing a vintage spring is often problematic. The latter is doable, but without the original specification, it does require some thinking.

We manufacture your custom springs using one of the standard metals: music wire, hard-drawn MB, oil-tempered wire, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and brass. We use different wire gauges, as per your specifications and enhanced durability.

custom spring manufacturer

Custom Springs by Quality Springs

We are a family-owned, Australian business with over 40 years of experience manufacturing top-quality springs for various industries, whether for their products or to keep their machines running. We are proud of each spring, whether a once-off single or one of the many in a batch of a million. We’ll help you with the right spring each time.